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IGN: frankhawk12
By frankhawk12 » over 2 years ago
Here at SnowyCraft we try to maintain a child friendly environment in which a childs parent would be comfortable with their children interacting with the community. Swearing is not allowed here on the forums and server for that reason, we do have filters in place so intentionally avoiding those filters will result in a mute or ban.

Griefing is prohibited everywhere on the server. If you're caught griefing, you will result in a ban.

Modified Clients:
Using modified clients is prohibited and will result in a ban if caught using one. Modified are clients that contain mods, such as x-ray, flying, auto-mine, etc. We do block many of these modifications from being used, but the methods are not 100% full proof.

Server Bugs:
Here on SnowyCraft we work to fix all bugs on the server to provide a smooth experience for everyone. Though there can be a time were you will find one of these bugs, it's best that you report them to our Staff members so that they can be fixed to provide a smooth gameplay experience. Exploiting these issues can get you banned depending on the severity of the bug.

Advertising things such as other servers, youtube channels, and products are prohibited on the server and forums. If you're caught/reported doing so you will be banned.

Be Respectful:
Here in this community we treat everyone with respect and encourage everyone to do the same. Doing so will benefity the community as everyone will be able to play with each other with no issues. Being disrespectful from time to time will not get you banned, but only warned. Doing it constantly will get you muted or banned depending on the severity.
Use Common Sense!