Hello there, Want to join us on the server? here is the IP address: snowy-craft.net


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IGN: frankhawk12
By frankhawk12 » over 2 years ago
Hello SnowyCraftian's. I'm sure you've noticed that we moved to a new website! It feels great having a clean, simple to use, and ad free website! Now, you may be wondering why we moved sites. We moved mostly because people found it difficult to register for and the design was not pleasing especially with ads in every corner; with this new website I can promise that it will be simple to use and ad free. Also with this new website will be intergrated with our server and will work a long side of each other to make me and our staff's jobs easier.

Lastly I'd like to let everyone know of my plans in the coming days/months:
  • Recruit new staff members (more on this at a later date)
  • Server advertising
  • Website advertising
  • Fix all cosmetics
  • Add new disguises
  • Gameplay changes and improvements
  • Bug fixes
Thats all folks! thanks for reading!



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IGN: BlackJackel12
By BlackJackel12 » 9 months ago
Nice Nice Nice~